MIG (GMAW) wires for creep resisting steels

Classification DIN EN ISO

14341-A G 42 2 C1 2Mo, 14341-A G 46 6 M21 2Mo, 21952-A G MoSi

Material No.


Classification AWS

A5.28 ER70S-A1, A5.28 ER80S-G


TÜV 03465, CE, DB 42.045.07

Characteristics and application

MIG/GMAW wire for 0.5%Mo steels, which are used at service temperatures up to 500°C and for some sub-zero structural applications. The 0.5% alloying improves creep performance compared to CMn steels and sees the alloy being used for boiler, pressure vessel and piping construction as well as in general structural engineering.

Base materials

For similar alloyed high temperature steels and cast steels, ageing resistant and steels resistant to caustic cracking.
S355, P235G1TH-P255G1TH, P310GH, L320, L360NB-L415NB, 16Mo3
ASTM: A182/A336 grade F1, A204 grades A/B/C, A209/A250 grade T1, A217 grade WC1, A335 grade P1, A352 grade LC1

Typical analysis in %

C: 0,10
Si: 0,60
Mn: 1,15
Mo: 0,52

Yield strength in Mpa

≥ 460

Tensile strength in Mpa

≥ 560

Elongation in %

4d/5d: ≥22

Charpy-V-Value (ISO-V) in J

RT ≥ 100
-40°C ≥ 47

Typical heat treatment

Preheat temperature: Dependent on material thickness
Interpass temperature: max. 250°C
PWHT: AW or 650°C

Other products

SAW: UP-100 Mo (S2Mo), UP-101 Mo (S3Mo)
Gas welding: U 47 Mo (G IV)