MIG (GMAW) wires for high strength structural steels (X96)

Classification DIN EN ISO

16834-A G 89 5 M21 Mn4Ni2,5CrMo

Material No.


Classification AWS

A5.28 ER120S-G


TÜV 20059, CE, DB 42.045.24

Characteristics and application

MIG/GMAW wire for welding high strength low alloy steels. Used for welding high strength steels in many high stress, critical applications.
Typical applications are mobile cranes, concrete pumps and automotive applications.

Base materials

For welding of high strength quenched and tempered or thermomechanically rolled fine-grained structural steels.
S890QL, S890MC, S960QL, S960 MC, S1100QL, S1300QL

Typical analysis in %

C: 0,10
Si: 0,80
Mn: 1,90
Cr: 0,45
Ni: 2,40
Mo: 0,60

Yield strength in Mpa

≥ 960

Tensile strength in Mpa

≥ 1050

Elongation in %

4d/5d: ≥15

Charpy-V-Value (ISO-V) in J

RT ≥ 60
-50°C ≥ 47

Typical heat treatment

Welding procedure, including preheat temperature, interpass temperature and PWHT, will be dependent on the base material being welded and any applicable design codes.

Other products

MIG/GMAW: ED-FK1000, ED-FK1150