ED-A 60
MIG (GMAW) wire for hardfacing

Classification DIN EN ISO

14700 S Fe8

Material No.


Classification AWS




Characteristics and application

MIG/GMAW wire for hardfacing. The wire is predominantly used for applications requiring good abrasion resisitance such as mixers, crushers and earth moving equipment but deposits will withstand moderate impact. With final deposit hardness being nominally 60HRC the weld metal can only be ground. If very thick build-ups are required it is suggested that lower hardness wires (eg. ED-A 35) be used as a buffer layer.


57-62 HRC

Typical analysis in %

C: 0,45
Si: 3,00
Mn: 0,40
Cr: 9,50

Charpy-V-Value (ISO-V) in J


Typical heat treatment

Weld procedure requirements dependent on material being surfaced.