ED-A 350
MIG (GMAW) wire for hardfacing

Classification DIN EN ISO

14700 S Fe1, (DIN 8555 MSG 5-GZ-350)

Material No.


Classification AWS




Characteristics and application

MIG/GMAW wire for hardfacing. The wire is used for applications requiring excellent impact resistance, or as a buffer layer prior to higher hardness deposits (eg. ED-A 60). The weld deposit has a nominal hardness of 350HB depending on welding parameters, base materials, shielding gas, preheat temperature and the applied welding technique.


325-375 HB

Typical analysis in %

C: 0,1
Si: 0,5
Mn: 0,6
Cr: 5,5
Mo: 0,6

Charpy-V-Value (ISO-V) in J


Typical heat treatment

Weld procedure requirements dependent on material being surfaced.